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Excel 2000 for Windows for Dummies. Greg Harvey

Greg  Harvey. Excel 2000 for Windows for Dummies
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Excel 2000 for Windows for Dummies

Автор: Greg Harvey

Язык английский. Вес 1000г. ISBN 0764504460. Just because electronic spreadsheets like Excel 2000 have become almost as commonplace on today’s personal computers as word processors and games doesn’t mean that they’re either well understood or well used. Excel is a great organizer for all types of data, be they numeric, textual, or otherwise. Excel 2000 For Windows For Dummies covers all the fundamental techniques that you need to know in order to create, edit, format, and print your own worksheets. In addition to showing you around the worksheet, this fun and friendly book exposes you to the basics of charting, creating databases, and converting spreadsheets into Web pages. Expect to pick up invaluable tips and tricks on Creating a spreadsheet from the get-go Dressing up the look of your cells Printing your spreadsheet masterpiece Facing a database Making sense of multiple worksheets Editing your worksheet Web pages Keeping things simple,this book cuts to the chase by telling you in plain terms just what it is that you need to do to accomplish a task using Excel. With spreadsheets as the focus, Excel 2000 For Windows For Dummies shows you how to Launch Excel from a toolbar or browser Mess around with the menu bar Fabricate fabulous formulas Tamper with how text wraps Add hyperlinks to a worksheet Work with WordArt Customize and design your own toolbars Explore top features of Excel 2000 One look at the Excel 2000 screen (with all the boxes, buttons, and tabs), and you realize that there's a whole lot of stuff going on.

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